Wednesday, August 18, 2010

o. !

lazy to write blog again. i hv ntg to write . about me? or.. sth else?
i have no idea. facebook is better ,?
haa.!at least we can chat @ facebook. it is fun and i enjoyed.

speechless. ~

Friday, August 13, 2010

sunday ♥

As the majestic sun rises from the western horizon ,i guessed it was a gud day to me. The day everything can be done.

had breakfast vf dad. i was so exciting. the breakfast always tastier den MCd breakfast. haa.!

the sun was so warm ! i felt that this day was really good.the air was refreshing . 1 pm, i will b going to account tuition @ nearby BJ there. i learned a lot of new things there.

5pm i was at kingdom hall. it was really fun as i knew more about the truth of bible. well, it took me 2 hours++ as i don care .. i want to do sth i ♥

ha! it was a nice Sunday. To me~

Sunday, August 8, 2010

kingdom hall♥

in the evening. the sun was hanging on the sky, it was freaking hot! haa~ on the way to the meeting @ kingdom hall, so i absent the acc class lesson. i was happi at there. i saw 4 Jehovah 'witness that from America. i was excited to see them , although our skin color r different. bt we r Jehovah 's witness.

I was glad to see them becauz they can attend dis meeting vf us and learnt something new from the article discussion. I knew 2 new frens. they were special to me since i havent meet them before. our Brothers and Sisters came from different country such as Japan, Korea. It takes a lot of time to learn chinese or english so that they can give a talk in the meeting.

I always encourage them so they can do it well=) ha! encouragement is so important to me and motivate someone to do their things although it is hard =) :P thanks a lot Jehovah. You do love us as We love u too^^

Monday, August 2, 2010

oosh! SPM. ~

haa..spm is around the corner. i wish my frens tell me everyday:'spm coming, ...days left.' bla bla bla,wat ever. it can spice up my mind too =0 i wanna study but oni for 10 minutes. last week, i was sitting on mm desk, looking at the notes.zZzZzzz..oosh! i asked myself:'sleep,rest,jus for a while, 5 minutes, i wil wake up and study again'

i lied on the bed .. ZzzZZzz for 3 hours.ossh! terrible! haa. someone who can sms me and remind me the days left for spm? i nid! =) erm erm erm. worring,so anxious nia.! PUPU!~

physics, chemistry ,accounts,and add maths. when i think about them, i will get angry..arssh>! y so difficult? -.-they make me sleepy ,for always.haaaaa!

SPM coming!

osh>! 100++ days left.. gambateh la meline>...<< go go go.wkwkw..wish all the best to mu buddies too who facing same prob vf me. wkwkwk!

hey, listen to WAKA WAKA - shakira. relax ur mind.~
this song is fifa world cup d theme song, nice =) we love it.~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my beloved one =D

>.< today something funny happened i and my classmates. =) haa.. i chat vf cindilyn alot of things between apple and orange~ haa^^^ i will apperciate them in my life~ nt for forever, is for always~

first of all,i realised some friends easily 'corroded' by some metals.~ i dono wat the world i m goona to say! hee>.< today chemistry we laugh alot,laughters can be heard everywhere.. i kinda fall in ♥ vf chemistry.

sounds nice~for my ♥ 1,i will rly smile to them~ thx for having some good frens in life-> like XINYI,CINDILYN and MAY LEE>.< haa..

nt humor, is we have a lot of topics can chat.>.< i ♥ them~ some bad frens exist in my life again.

thanks buddies.=) ii will always be there for you♥

Friday, July 23, 2010


hv a slice of tiramisu cake @ secret recipe on saturday evening. enjoying a cup of latte..haa! wow. nice♥ haa..the tiramisu cake is cooll!

take a bite on it=) i rly ♥ foods.expecially cakes and coffee ♥ my fav teatime . haa~ hv a try.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

frappuccino expresso @ starbucks.

my ladies told me Latte always taste better den my fav drink. haa! bt i hv diff opinion. frappuccino expresso @ starbucks always taste gud den other coffee..

it feels like milkshake . coffee milkshake. but the taste is nicer the coffee milkshake. it is cooling and refreshing ♥ it. ! haa..@ starbucks try a cup of frappucion expresso. it spices up ur day ♥ try ~